Dream: A Poem by David Rogers

When Leo realized ten thousand dreamers
who all dreamed the same dream
could cause an asteroid to crash into the Earth
he told no one at first
of course they would think him crazy
but he had to let someone in on the secret
such intelligence was too important
not too share
so he told his therapist who said
Dreams are not real they’re just dreams
they’re all in your head
Leo said The Oedipus Complex
is all in people’s heads too so you’re saying
if I dream I slept with my mother it means
nothing in the so-called real world
The therapist said So you do want to sleep
with your mother
Leo said Well she is a very beautiful woman
if you met her you’d understand
but wait no I didn’t say that
it was just an example of how dreams affect reality
Leo left the therapist’s office
Outside he could feel dreamers dreaming
in a thousand cities round the world
He looked up at the clear blue sky and waited